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Submission Guide

It is very important that you read and understand our submissions guide and rules of entry before submitting your work to Axe River Books.

Be Original

As The Smiths once said "there's always someone, somewhere, with a big nose, who knows".  Make sure any work you submit is all your own, don't be tempted to "plagiarise or take on loan" because we will "trip you up and laugh when you fall".

Size Is Everything

Not really... but the people we love the most keep roughly to the following templates:

* Flash Fiction - <1200 words

* Short Story -   <6000 words

* Novel (part) -  <7500 words

Our Wheelhouse

Short story, flash fiction, poem, creative non-fiction, novel (taster); we are genre agnostic.  Whilst we do ask you to tag entries with a 'type' if you are not sure, don't sweat it.  


But do keep entries under 7500 words and in readable fonts.

Our tent is big.  We are West Country based and seek to promote works with a West Country link, but that definition is very broad (just keep it in mind).

Gnarly Stuff
  • By submitting to us, if accepted, you grant us first electronic rights and non-exclusive archival rights

  • All submissions remain the intellectual property of the artist. Rights revert to author upon publication.

  • Work previously published in print only welcome if in no violation of original rights.

  • Ideas are dangerous.  We take no responsibility for any changes to your personality or general outlook on life that might happen as a result of reading talented writers. 

In General
  • Give us a chance - please wait 10 weeks before resubmitting.

  • Be kind.  We are a community, its cool to give feedback but please be nice.

  • Be nasty and we reserve the right to remove contents.

  • If you want to submit elsewhere as well we are cool with that.

  • Read.  Read.  Read.  Books are a magical gift - use them.

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